Pedestrian Program

Reduce accidents between pedestrians and vehicles with our mobile crosswalk enforcement program.


G2v & G2rv

The G2v (video) and the G2rv (remote video) systems feature light-weight compact video cameras in addition to giving officers the ability to position themselves at intersections safely and easily. This allows for officers to be up to 200m away from the video enforcement units. The system’s 4K high-definition video camera records infractions with 100% accuracy.

Registered owners have the opportunity to view a video of the offence on a secure approved website. Seeing the infraction reduces the number of not-guilty pleas in court.

Multi-Crosswalk Environment
Multi-Crosswalk Environments

Monitor four crosswalks simultaneously.

Range of GTG radar gun
360 Degree Coverage
400 Metre Range

Allows for setup without increasing risk to pedestrians or drivers.

A car travelling at 65 km/h is twice as likely to be involved in a casualty car crash as one travelling at 60 km/h.

– University of Adelaide, 1997


Easy to Setup
We manage everything from ticketing, to compliance.

Zero Costs to Implement
No need to expand budgets or increase taxes.

Canadian Owned
Feel secure knowing all information is on home ground.

‘Mix & Match’ service offerings to get the right fit for your community.

Success Stories

Testimonial Photo

Global made program implementation simple. Their expertise surpassed larger multi-national providers. Their expertise was particularly evident when it came to court database access (JOIN), motor vehicle information (MOVES) and understanding ATE requirements set by Alberta Justice and the Solicitor General.

Chris M.
Program Manager, Enforcement Services
City of Grande Prairie

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