Stop Sign Violation Camera Systems

Stop Sign Violation Camera Systems

Fewer fatalities and serious injuries by reducing drivers failing to stop at red lights.

Fewer fatalities and serious injuries by reducing drivers failing to stop at red lights.

G2V & G2rv


Global Traffic Group’s G2v (video) and the G2rv (remote video) are lightweight, compact portable systems offering safe and easy setup and takedown. The system’s 4K video camera records speed and traffic infractions with 100% accuracy.

Global’s G2v andG2rv systems give registered owners the opportunity to view a video of the offence on a secure approved website. Seeing the infraction reduces the number of not-guilty stop sign offence pleas in court.



The G3stop is a versatile, lightweight, compact system that functions in a mobile or semi-fixed option. Designed for easy installation, it deploys quickly. The system’s automated detection includes high-resolution colour video and sophisticated algorithms for accurate detection of stop sign violations. It sends real-time alerts, providing instant notification for immediate awareness of incidents. Available power sources are solar, battery, or direct connection. 

360 Degree Coverage, 400 Metre Range

Allows for setup without increasing risk to pedestrians or drivers.

Multi-Lane Environments

Target several lanes of traffic at once.

Stop sign violations account for 70% of all motor vehicle crashes, and nearly one-third of these crashes involve injuries.

– National Library of Medicine


Easy to Start

We manage everything from setup and ticketing to compliance. No third-party complications, no waitlists.

Zero Costs to Implement

With our turn-key solutions, no need to expand budgets or increase taxes.

Canadian Owned

Feel secure knowing all information
stays in Canada.


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