Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR)

Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR)

Mobile, stationary and handheld ALPR to monitor multiple lanes and all challenging conditions.

Mobile, stationary and handheld ALPR to monitor multiple lanes and challenging conditions.



ALPR (also known as ANPR for Automated Number Plate recognition) enables you to identify license plates to compare with databases for law enforcement and monitoring of moving or stationary vehicles.

Developed in Canada by Global Traffic Group, our G3alpr mobile automated licence plate reader is our latest generation of ALPR tools, with capabilities unmatched in the industry. The G3alpr can be installed inside police vehicles, handheld or strategically mounted for law enforcement, parking enforcement and parking pass compliance, making capturing licence plates simple and effective. G3alpr applications include:

  • Identifying stolen license plates and stolen vehicles
  • Automatically flagging unregistered vehicles
  • Locating missing persons
  • Monitoring for vehicles associated with a crime or identified in an Amber Alert
  • Locating criminal suspects and persons of interest
  • Access pass enforcement in provincial and national parks
  • Monitoring parking lots or roadways to detect vehicles parked improperly or for too long
  • Monitoring vehicle access to restricted areas and events
  • Security at high-risk facilities, such as airports, government buildings, and military installations
  • Capturing license plates at toll booths to deduct tolls from prepaid accounts


G3alpr can be repositioned within an enforcement vehicle, allowing multiple view options to capture images of front-end or back-end plates of both moving and parked vehicles. This solution offers a range of view up to 20 metres and a field of view of up to 160 degrees.

Installation is quick and simple: the camera is mounted on a console attached to the enforcement vehicle’s window. This gives the system placement flexibility.

Officers on foot or on bicycle can position the G3alpr on any side of parked vehicles, including those front-parked, parked off-road, or haphazardly parked in lots.

Global’s pole-mounted G3alpr option can be permanently stationed in a strategic position to capture vehicles’ plates 24/7.

160 Degree Coverage, 20 Metre Range

Allows for setup without increasing risk to pedestrians or drivers.

Multi-Lane Environments

Target several lanes of traffic at once.

Law enforcement agencies are increasingly adopting Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) systems to enhance their enforcement and investigative capabilities, expand their collection of relevant data, and expedite the tedious and time consuming process of comparing vehicle license plates with lists of stolen, wanted, and other vehicles of interest.

– The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)


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