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At Global Traffic Group, we’re the leader at innovating ways to save lives, make roadways safer and create smarter, more efficient communities. From multi-lane video traffic enforcement with turn-key solutions that include data processing and ticketing—to hardware sales and leasing—Global makes it easy.

Traffic Enforcement Tools & Solutions That Are Proven to Work

Global’s leading-edge systems drive the results sought by community leaders and stakeholders. And we deliver. Municipalities continue to renew our contracts because they see dramatic reductions in collisions, speeding and other offences. The performance of Global’s systems is at the heart of our success.

We’re happy to show you those results—and craft a unique plan for your community!

The Automated Traffic Enforcement

Innovation Leader

At Global, innovation and vertical integration are in our DNA. Since 2003, we have continued to innovate—designing, manufacturing and developing the software and machine learning technologies that work seamlessly together to save lives while making communities safer and smarter.
Privacy and security are at the forefront of everything we do. Sensitive information is safeguarded at our data centres in Canada—and it stays here.

360º Integration

We design and build the hardware, develop the software and operate our systems. For unbeatable reliability and full accountability.

Done for You

We can manage everything from staffing and ticketing to compliance.

Zero Costs to

With our turn-key solutions, no need to expand budgets or increase taxes. Everything can be funded by offenders.


A-la-carte product and service offerings to build the perfect fit for your community.

Sales & Leasing

Own the world’s most innovative traffic enforcement equipment and software—and operate it yourself.

The latest & most complete solutions for enforcing traffic safety.

Photo Radar Speed Enforcement

100% accuracy in detecting single, multiple, parallel and simultaneous speed violations. 

Fixed Red Light
Traffic Cameras

Global’s High-Definition camera systems monitor intersections for speeding and red light infractions.


With Automated Licence Plate Recognition (ALPR) and multi-lane monitoring we offer handheld and fixed options.

Portable Red Light

Budget friendly solution uses 4K video cameras to record intersection violations with 100% accuracy.

Stop Sign Camera

Unique to Global – portable stop sign solutions for vulnerable and high risk intersections.

Distracted Driving Monitoring

Reduce the danger of texting, phone use and other driver distractions with Global’s proven system.

School Zone Speed

Keep school zones safe with compact speed cameras or slow down drivers with speed reader boards.

Pedestrian Safety

Global’s mobile enforcement 4K video systems record crosswalk infractions from up to 200 metres away.

Construction Zone Enforcement

Improve safety for construction workers with long-range mobile speed systems.

Ticket Processing

Global’s customizable ticketing software includes violation processing and online viewing.

Global's Traffic Analyzer Systems

Global’s third-generation traffic analyzers use artificial intelligence to take strategic traffic planning to the next level. 

Turn-Key or
A-la-Carte Services

We’ll set up and run your entire program, from officers to equipment, ticketing and maintenance. Or customize a solution for your community.

Penalty System Solution

Global’s APS software simplifies
the process of issuing permits and enforcing bylaws.


CrashCam captures collisions 24/7, increases intersection safety, collects data, assists with collision reconstruction.

Smart Cities.
Green Cities.
Safe Cities.

We’re using technology to dramatically improve traffic safety.

And we’re helping the environment.

Global Traffic Matters

Variable Speed Limits: the Latest Tool in the Smart Box System

International pilot projects of variable Speed Limits systems, which adjust to traffic and weather conditions, have shown they improve traffic flows (by reducing stop-start effect)–and cut collisions. The Province of British Columbia’s VSL pilot focused on twisty mountain roads whose weather varies from glorious sunshine to snow and ice –


Windsor Invests $22.3 Million in Road Safety

Windsor is pumping $22.3 million into high tech traffic safety systems including red light cameras, traffic sensors and 360° CCTV and is beefing up its intelligent transportation system. Mayor Drew Dilkens says, “Modernizing Windsor’s traffic infrastructure to make our roads safer, better connected and easier to navigate is among Council’s

Since 2003 Global Traffic Group has led the industry in Automated Traffic Enforcement (ATE) and roadway safety technology innovation. Customers value our in-depth knowledge of the regulatory requirements and the technical demands of operating traffic enforcement programs in a wide range of jurisdictions. We’re proud of our record of improving safety and providing powerful, data-driven traffic insights for communities Canada-wide.

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Global Traffic Group innovates ways to make roadways safer and create smarter, more efficient communities. We develop technologies and products proven to reduce traffic incidents and provide data-driven insights.

No two communities are alike. Tell us about yours.