Construction Zone Speed & Traffic Cameras

Construction Zone Speed & Traffic Cameras

Reduce construction zone accidents with Global’s enforcement tools.

Reduce construction zone accidents with Global’s photo laser and high definition video enforcement.



Speeding through construction zones puts workers at risk of serious injury or death.

Global’s Construction Zone enforcement technology is proven to reduce speeding and speed-related incidents.

Global offers portable G2r speed technology for construction zone enforcement. With our G2r technology, systems can be operated out of various types of roadside boxes or temporarily mounted on an existing post or pole, which allows enforcement in the construction zone without disturbing construction workers or putting themselves at risk.

The G2r technology gives registered owners the opportunity to view a video of the offence on a secure, approved website. Seeing the infraction reduces the number of not-guilty construction zone speed violation pleas in court.

360 Degree Coverage, 400 Metre Range

Easy set up without increasing risk to workers or drivers.

Multi-Lane Environments

Target several lanes of traffic at once.

A pedestrian hit by a vehicle at 30 km/h has an 80% chance of survivability. At 50 km/h it drops to 10%.

– University of Alberta, 2011


Easy to Start

We manage everything from setup and ticketing to compliance. No third-party complications, no waitlists.

Zero Costs to Implement

With our turn-key solutions, no need to expand budgets or increase taxes.

Canadian Owned

Feel secure knowing all information
stays in Canada.


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perfect fit for your community.

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