Global Traffic Analyzer

Global Traffic Analyzer

Global’s third generation of traffic monitoring innovation, the G3ta uses predictive machine learning to take strategic traffic planning to the next level.

Global’s third generation of traffic monitoring innovation, the G3ta uses predictive machine learning to take strategic traffic planning to the next level.



Quick to install and easily operated remotely, Global Traffic Analyzers (G3ta) precisely count vehicles, tell how many are speeding, track driving behaviours and trends with machine-learning powered smart analysis that can be used to reduce incidents and proactively create safer, more efficient communities. Features include:

  • Better Efficiency: allows permanent positioning at many locations to stream data year-round
  • Eight Lanes Wide: monitors and analyzes traffic in up to eight lanes, lane-by-lane in multiple directions
  • Video Option: visually captures pre- and post-collision evidence and provides traffic pattern insights
  • Traffic Counts: accurate data on road use in each lane, stamped with dates and times
  • Vehicle Speeds: detailed insights into driver behaviour — when, where, how many and how fast
  • Stop Analytics: tracks stopping behaviour and trends at schools, playgrounds and intersections
  • Three-in-One: option to capture traffic counts, vehicle speeds and stop data — simultaneously and in real time
  • Remote Operation: a connected device, the G3ta allows for remote calibration, programming and system notifications via wifi or cellular
  • Machine Learning: drives predictive speed estimation and traffic counting, merging today’s technology and data for safer roads tomorrow
  • Data Analysis: gives clients the reports and data they need, in the visual formats they want for insights and planning
  • Quick Installation: takes only 15 minutes to an hour to install, depending on the location
  • Multi-Power: offers solar or grid-power options, cutting or eliminating battery maintenance
  • All Weather: operates from -40 C to +40 C in extreme conditions: a made-in-Canada solution for all weather
  • Long Lifetime: engineered to last for up to ten years with minimal maintenance




The G3ta/alpr adds to the G3ta an automated license plate reader (alpr) that enables the G3ta to not just detect and assess the total number of vehicles at a given location over time, but also how many vehicles – and their categories – pass through the location. It also helps understand the effectiveness of enforcement as it analyzes the behaviour of repeat offenders and how their speed and number of violations are reduced.  Available power sources are solar, battery, or direct connection. 

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Combining human experience with assistive AI can provide agencies with the crucial insights needed to become more efficient, aware, and proactive.

– The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)


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