Smart Cities. Green Cities. Safe Cities.

We’re using technology to improve traffic safety—and help the environment.

Global’s unique Traffic Analyzer technology (G3TA) utilizes machine learning to optimize traffic flow, reducing emissions and facilitating the integration of intelligent transport systems.

Through our Automated License Plate Recognition systems (G3ALPR), we effectively tackle congestion caused by illegal parking while decreasing incidents. This automation aligns with Smart City initiatives by supporting the development of intelligent urban environments.

Global’s CrashCam gets traffic moving sooner to reduce emissions after a collision, as the police can quickly establish the cause of the incident.

Global Speed Enforcement Systems not only lower emissions and minimize motorist fuel consumption but also mitigate traffic congestion arising from speed-related incidents.

Global’s Fleet is also committed to transitioning our fleet to EV hybrids, significantly reducing our operators’ emissions and contributing to a greener environment.

Safer, greener cities are the result of integrated smart technology like machine learning, and significant behavioural changes. At Global Traffic Group, we’re working toward being the industry’s greenest organization, and supporting communities in meeting their own Smart City and Green City goals sooner.