Turn-Key or A-la-Carte Services

Turn-Key or A-la-Carte Services

Evaluate the perfomance of your traffic safety program with monthly statistics.

Evaluate the perfomance of your traffic safety program with monthly statistics.


To address the diverse requirements of our clients, Global presents a wide array of turn-key and a-la-carte options. Drawing upon our extensive 20 years of experience, we possess the flexibility to adapt and align with the dynamic needs of the industry and evolving legislative requirements.

Our committed team of in-house developers and engineers consistently work on developing state-of-the-art software and hardware solutions. This dedication empowers us to effectively meet our clients’ demands and provide them with the most advanced technology available in the market.

Global offers a wide range of services to meet your needs. Whether you prefer a turn-key solution or a customized approach, we provide flexible options to ensure client satisfaction.

Our comprehensive service offerings include:

  • Human resources
  • Call centre
  • Processing centre
  • Signage
  • Court
  • Equipment
  • Tech support
  • Data storage
  • Reporting
  • Equipment Installation and relocation
  • Ongoing customization
  • Upgrades and more

    This diverse array of services allows you to select the specific components that align with your requirements and adapt as your needs change.

100% End-to-End Support

Comprehensive support and reporting for all our systems.

Full Compliance

Global’s EBO complies with all ATE rules and regulations.

Out of 988 drivers involved in fatal collisions in 2019, 89 were speeding and 88 were inattentive.

– Ontario Ministry of Transportation


Easy to Start

We manage everything from setup and ticketing to compliance. No third-party complications, no waitlists.

Zero Costs to Implement

With our turn-key solutions, no need to expand budgets or increase taxes.

Canadian Owned

Feel secure knowing all information
stays in Canada.


A-la-Carte service offerings to get the
perfect fit for your community.

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    Since 2003 Global Traffic Group has led the industry in Automated Traffic Enforcement (ATE) and roadway safety technology innovation. Customers value our in-depth knowledge of the regulatory requirements and the technical demands of operating traffic enforcement programs in a wide range of jurisdictions. We’re proud of our record of improving safety and providing powerful, data-driven traffic insights for communities Canada-wide.