Prevent speeding with our industry leading GSCS laser technology.



At the core of our Speed program is the Global Safety Camera System (GSCS). Global has also developed new additions to our speed services to advance our programs and allows Global to offer different types of technology.

The original GSCS systems work in both fixed and non-fixed solutions. These systems use current, proven technology to provide a quality service. The GSCS allows for officers to capture violations up to 400m away.

The G2h is a small handheld speed system that weighs about 10 pounds and allows the officers to utilize different types of vehicles. This does not replace our GSCS but instead adds a new look and feel to the current speed program.

Global's G2r systems are remote, battery operated, are approximately 1 cubic foot and weigh 15lbs. This ultra-portable system can be operated out of various types of roadside boxes or temporarily mounted on an existing post or pole. The G2r system can have multiple acquisition units beaming violation images to an on-site officer.

Range of GTG radar gun
360 Degree Coverage
400 Metre Range

Allows for setup without increasing risk to pedestrians or drivers.

Demo of GTG Speed in multi-lane environment
Multi-Lane Environments

Target several lanes of traffic at once.

Distracted drivers are 3 times more likely to be in a crash than attentive drivers.

– Alberta Transportation, 2011


Easy to Setup
We manage everything from ticketing, to compliance.

Zero Costs to Implement
No need to expand budgets or increase taxes.

Canadian Owned
Feel secure knowing all information is on home ground.

‘Mix & Match’ service offerings to get the right fit for your community.

Success Stories

Testimonial Photo

In the year following implementation of the new automated traffic enforcement (ATE) program, our injury collision rate fell by 29%.

Chris M.
Program Manager, Enforcement Services
City of Grande Prairie

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