Car Crash Chips

An Impaired Driving campaign aimed at discouraging marijuana use for drivers succeeded  in raising awareness while intentionally leaving a bad taste in their mouths.


The Québec automobile insurance company SAAQ (Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec) launched an unconventional campaign to discourage impaired driving due to marijuana use. The campaign involved promoting Car Crash flavoured chips, developed in partnership with Foodarom and brand experience agency Lg2. These chips, with flavours resembling asphalt, blood, and metal, were distributed in limited quantities at promotional events on university campuses and media outlets. The objective was to convey a message to cannabis users about the risks of driving under the influence.

Lg2 Creative Director Luc Du Sault explained that the idea of car crash flavoured chips came from the understanding that cannabis users often experience the munchies. The aim was to create an experience that simulates a car crash without any actual harm, thereby discouraging impaired driving.

The Impaired Driving Campaign ran from December 6, 2021, to January 2, 2022, and aimed to create a cool and engaging approach to address the issue of impaired driving. Lg2 has a history of creating unique campaigns, including the “Living Radar Backpack,” which allows motorists to check their speeds in school zones by looking at the back of kids’ backpacks.

The Car Crash Chips educational campaign showcased chips with flavours that resembled asphalt, blood, and metal.

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