Transforming Road Safety in Ontario’s Essa Township with Photo Speed Enforcement

Quaint road leading to Essa Township Administration Centre

Improving road safety has become a top priority for many municipalities across Canada. Ontario’s Township of Essa is taking significant strides towards safer roads by partnering with Global Traffic Group in launching an Automated Speed Enforcement (ASE) program, the most modern iteration of photo radar technology. Driving Change and Saving Lives: Essa Township is committed […]

Automated Truck Platoons Pioneer Smart Cargo

Commercial trucks will cross Alberta this fall in formation, driven by machine learning to improve safety and fuel efficiency. The project also deploys sensors, radar and camera technology and driver-assist technology as they move platoon-style with the lead truck driver setting the maximum speed as posted, while the truck automatically lets the others know. The […]

Province Proposes Letting AMPS Handle ASE Cases

The Ontario Traffic Council expressed its support for a government move this spring that would help free up blocked Provincial Offences Courts. The MTO’s proposed regulatory framework for an Administrative Monetary Penalty Systems (AMPS) would allow ASE offences to be processed by municipalities outside of the courts. If it goes ahead implementation is expected by […]

York Assesses Pilot Project Data

In Summer 2022, York Region reported to council the preliminary results of its two-year ASE pilot project. The final data was gathered in October. The project rotated a mobile photo radar camera across community safety zones in the region’s nine cities and towns during the pilot. Because York’s provincial courts were clogged with disputed charges, […]

Ajax Turns from Traffic Calming to ASE

Mayor Shaun Collier tells Global Traffic Matters that Ajax is moving from its costly traffic calming measures to more successful photo radar enforcement. “We had allocated $100,000/year for traffic calming measures and then developed warrants to identify the highest priority areas and the correct measures to address. While these were somewhat effective, many of these […]

Windsor Invests $22.3 Million in Road Safety

Windsor is pumping $22.3 million into high tech traffic safety systems including red light cameras, traffic sensors and 360° CCTV and is beefing up its intelligent transportation system. Mayor Drew Dilkens says, “Modernizing Windsor’s traffic infrastructure to make our roads safer, better connected and easier to navigate is among Council’s top priorities. It is why […]

Variable Speed Limits: the Latest Tool in the Smart Box System

International pilot projects of variable Speed Limits systems, which adjust to traffic and weather conditions, have shown they improve traffic flows (by reducing stop-start effect)–and cut collisions. The Province of British Columbia’s VSL pilot focused on twisty mountain roads whose weather varies from glorious sunshine to snow and ice – often on the same day. […]